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PATKON Agency providing translation services for over 20 years.
Since 1994 we translate for companies, institutions and individuals.

We offer:

  • Written translations – general and sworn (certified)
    (European and non-European languages)
  • Specialized translation including legal, technical, web sites, operating manuals
    (CAT software, database management terminology)
  • Interpreting – consecutive and simultaneous (business meetings, negotiations, conferences, seminars, presentations)
  • Proofreading, verification, DTP service and print – graphic composition, prepress  
    (leaflets, catalogues, conference papers, operating manuals etc.)
  • Rental of interpretation booths and headphones for conference interpreting with professional sound system and full technical support
  • Comprehensive organization of trainings and conferences
    (Air-conditioned conference rooms – Hotel Accommodation – Catering service – Transportation – Integration)

Our advantages:

  • The highest quality European service
  • Continuous improvement of qualifications
  • Individual approach
  • A full understanding of the Client's expectations
  • Timely action, availability and diligence
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Attractive and flexible terms of cooperation

Many years of experience working with international concerns.

Support for individual clients and companies on the basis of framework agreements.